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Rob Rains helps audiences and clients achieve lasting change in their lives through speaking, consulting, and writing.

Learn more about his 7 Power Shifts, a proven program that will take you on a fantastic journey of self discovery, self mastery, and powerful self creation!

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Unlock Your Full Potential.

So many of us have at least one area of our lives where we want to change – in fact we NEED to make a change!

For some of us it’s health, nutrition, or weight loss. For others, it’s a relationship. For others still, it’s money. Still others want to upgrade their job, switch careers, or even start a new business.

Whatever the area of desired change is, it doesn’t come easy! In fact, if you’re like most people, you try and try to change but keep sliding back into old habits. Or maybe, you just give up and stop trying altogether. Rob Rains can help.

Lose unwanted weight.

Overcome food addiction.

Increase confidence and self-image.

Boost sales numbers.

Achieve sales goals.

Find the courage to take the next step.

Mend struggling relationships.

Make meaningful connections.


Learn how the Seven Shifts can help you lose weight and keep it off!


Learn how the Seven Shifts can help you bust through that financial ceiling and attract wealth!


Learn how the Seven Shifts can improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships!

Who is the Seven Power Shifts program designed to benefit?


If you think "I wish I could change...but I can't. It's too hard" then this program is for you!

Changing only SEEMS impossible because your brain is wired to “protect” you from the discomfort of change.  We will show you how to change your IDENTITY, which overcomes that old wiring.

If you are afraid of failing because you've struggled in the past, then this program is for you!

The problem isn’t your willpower.  You’re not weak or lazy.  “Wanting it more” and “trying harder” are also not your problem.  You want to change with all your heart!  The problem is that your brain is programmed to shut down your efforts.  We will help you re-write the program.

If you find that your health, money, or relationship struggles are causing you to miss out on all the fun in your life, then this program is for you!

Rob’s clients get expert help in “pushing through the fear” — and the best things in life are on the other side of fear!  You will find greater fulfillment personally and professionally as you master the Seven Shifts in your life!

If you keep thinking, "I just KNOW deep down that there HAS to be a way! If only I could find it!" then this program is for you!

That certainty that there MUST be a way is a signal from deep inside telling you not to give up!  There is absolutely a way, and it works more powerfully than anything you’ve tried before!

About Me

 Rob’s journey brought him from a nearly-400-pound man with type 2 diabetes and critically dangerous blood numbers to a happy, healthy 185-pound man with a new lease on life!  And the best part is his improved relationships with his wife, his children, and himself!

The KEY to Rob’s success was changing his IDENTITY to gain POWER over his circumstances.  Rob shares his story and his revolutionary Seven Shifts program with audiences and clients helping them find lasting change.



“Rob…has very high levels of empathy and emotional IQ, which allow him to assess the needs of his audience… no one leaves a Rob Rains presentation without a clear understanding of his message and a strong sense of his sincerity.”

— David Holland, Professor of Religious Studies, Harvard University

“Rob did a spectacular job!

He is incredibly motivational, and had me on the verge of tears and joy during his entire presentation. I’m a huge Rob Rains fan!” 

— Kathy Murphy, Team Motivational Expert,
Professional Speaker, CEO, Author of Wisdom Whisperer

I have seen Rob speak in front of groups on several occasions and each time I have heard him speak, I have found his messages to be uplifting, impactful, and inspiring…As I have listened to Rob, I have felt hope in my ability to improve and change because he has made changes in his life.

—Gary Gustafson, Division Vice President, Customer Success, Limeade


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