Discover Who You Were Meant to Be.

If you’ve ever tried to make a change in your life, you know how hard it can be. Whether it’s overcoming an addiction or searching for a new job, change isn’t easy. It isn’t easy for anyone.

But with change comes an opportunity for growth. And growth is easier when you have a guide. That’s where Rob comes in. His unique method to help you manage change and discover who you were meant to be will set you on the path you’ve always wanted.


The Story So Far

Five years ago, Rob looked at himself in the mirror and didn’t like what he saw. At over 400 lbs. his health was failing, he was unhappy at his work and his personal life was crumbling around him. Add on other personal failures and missteps in his life and Rob simply wasn’t living the life he wanted. He was living a life that nobody wanted.

Fast forward to today and Rob has lost over 200 lbs., found a job he loves and has been able to mend much of his personal life. While his life isn’t perfect and it requires regular effort to keep going, Rob is on a path he feels he can be proud of. And now, he wants to share what he learned with you.

Whatever your goal is in life, Rob has struggled through the good and the bad of making change. He can help. And with Rob as your guide, you’ll start to see the change you’ve always wanted–and to become the person you were always meant to be.


Lose Unwanted Weight

Losing weight is not something that happens overnight. And it’s not just a matter of better diet and exercise (although that is a big part). Losing weight is more about mindset than anything else and Rob can teach you how to discover and build your own mindset that will lead you to a better self-image and a better life.

Overcome Food Addiction

If you are addicted to food (or have any addiction for that matter) you know that the addiction is the symptom of some underlying disorder rather than the issue itself. What Rob teaches through his 7 Power Shifts is how to put your mind and your heart in a place that can lead to real change. And while you can still enjoy a slice of delicious pizza every now and again, you’ll do it knowing that you enjoy it, rather than as an escape from your problems.

Increase Confidence & Self-Image

How you view yourself is, without a doubt, the determining factor in how you succeed at just about everything in life. From physical to mental to emotional health, a confident and assured self-image can help you through the roughest spots and can ensure that you’ll always be on the path you were meant to be.

Achieve Your Goals

Rob’s 7 Power Shifts Program will teach you practical, understandable and achievable techniques that can help you reach your goals. This isn’t SMART goals or some other self-help. This is real, one-on-one mentoring that can help you discover personal goals and give you the push you need to succeed.

Mend Struggling Relationships

It has been said that connection, not abstinence, is the key to overcoming addiction. If that is true, then mending relationships is at the core of becoming who you were meant to be. We all have the power to influence others, but how we choose to use that power determines how successful we will be in all areas of our life. And foundational relationships can help us get through the best and the worst times in our lives. Rob’s 7 Power Shifts Program can help you find the relationships you’ve been looking for.

The 7 Power Shifts Program

Learn more about the extraordinary 7 Shifts Program by Rob Rains and how it can change your life.

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Powerful Thoughts

How can you shift your thinking so that you act as a creator instead of being “acted upon?” The Seven Shifts can help you train your mind to work for you.

Powerful Language

What we say, both to ourselves and others has an impact on our mindset and how others view us. The Seven Shifts can help you choose language that builds.

Powerful Knowledge

The Seven Shifts will help you uncover a thirst for learning and growing. As you grow in your knowledge, you’ll grow in your power as an individual.

Powerful Tribe

Building a community of support can mean the difference between handling the bad times and thriving during difficulty. The Seven Shifts will help you build your tribe and uncover the support you need.

Powerful Motivation

Ever have those mornings where you just don’t want to get out of bed? It happens to all of us. But what if that was the exception, rather than the norm? The Seven Shifts can help you be excited for each and every day.

Powerful Sacrifice

It has been said that sacrifice is the efficacy of change. The Seven Shifts will teach you that a powerful sacrifice of what you want now over what you want later is what makes change possible.

Powerful Focus

Do you know that one of the most important aspects of love is focus? The more you focus on something the more you love it and The Seven Shifts will teach you how to unlock this skill and use it to change your life.

“Rob…has very high levels of empathy and emotional IQ, which allow him to assess the needs of his audience… no one leaves a Rob Rains presentation without a clear understanding of his message and a strong sense of his sincerity.”

David Holland

Professor of Religious Studies, Harvard University

“Rob did a spectacular job!

He is incredibly motivational, and had me on the verge of tears and joy during his entire presentation. I’m a huge Rob Rains fan!” 

Kathy Murphy

Professional Speaker and CEO, Author of Wisdom Whisperer

I have seen Rob speak in front of groups on several occasions and each time I have heard him speak, I have found his messages to be uplifting, impactful, and inspiring…As I have listened to Rob, I have felt hope in my ability to improve and change because he has made changes in his life.

Gary Gustafson

Division Vice President, Limeade


About Me

The KEY to Rob’s success was changing his IDENTITY to gain POWER over his circumstances.  Rob shares his story and his revolutionary Seven Shifts program with audiences and clients helping them find lasting change.

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