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At Powerful Identity, we leverage our unique approach to lasting change in order to help our clients uncover their hidden power and more fully serve the world.



Together, we’ll dig deep and discover what you really want to accomplish. As we discover what will have the greatest impact in your life, we map the steps you need to accomplish your goals.


Using my Seven Shifts Program, we begin to help you adopt a new identity. As we move from learning to doing, you discover a whole new you and start living the life you want.


Lasting change takes time. But it also takes accountability. As we reflect, improve and commit to daily shifts, together, we will perfect the process of becoming who you were meant to be.


Like so many people today, Rob struggled with his weight.  He tried and failed at more diets and weight-loss attempts than he can count.  His journey brought him from a nearly-400-pound man with type 2 diabetes and critically dangerous blood numbers to a happy, healthy 175-pound man with a new lease on life!  And the best part is his improved relationships with his wife, his children, and himself!

The KEY to Rob’s success was learning the power our IDENTITIES have over our habits, and learning how to change his identity to gain POWER over his circumstances.  Because it helped him so much, Rob created the Seven Shifts program to help others achieve what he did but without spending years to learn.  Rob has been asked to share his story and his Seven Shifts program with audiences and clients in many areas.




My time with Rob was one of the most invigorating of my life. He helped me to see that I could design the life I wanted and I’ve never looked back. Thanks to Rob, I’m living my best life!

Steven R.

I cannot say enough good things about Rob! I had struggled for years with my weight, among other things, and once Rob and I started talking, all the pieces started coming together. Now, I’m happier, healthier and more at peace than I ever thought I would be.

Jan P.


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