Rob Rains

Identity Transformation Consulting

Helping you break unwanted cycles and experience lasting change.

At Powerful Identity, we leverage our unique approach to lasting change in order to help our clients uncover their hidden power and more fully serve the world.

My Approach


I work with clients to dig deep and discover what it is they really want to accomplish, then construct a roadmap that will get them there.  We embark on the process of DISCOVERING what will be of greatest impact to them and MAPPING the steps to accomplish it.


Next, I walk clients through the LEARNING and DOING of the Seven Shifts program.  This program is HOW we adopt the new identity and thus change the habits more permanently.


During the Seven Shifts program, I provide assignments to reinforce learning.  My team and I offer daily text check-ins and support to help clients gain momentum in their progress.  By REFLECTING, IMPROVING, and COMITTING daily, clients internalize the Shifts and perfect the process of BECOMING.


Key Concepts & Beliefs

Lasting Change Requires IDENTITY Change

Change is a wonderful, lifelong process.  We find those parts of ourself that we’d like to improve and we work to do so.  The journey brings as much or more joy than the result.  However, we often find ourselves struggling over and over to make changes in the same area, with little success.  In this case, the problem is usually rooted in our identity.  When we successfully change our identity, we don’t need to keep trying the same change over and over again — lasting change occurs. 

Small Changes Yield Massive Results

Just like compound interest can cause a modest savings habit to yield a fortune over decades, so small changes to our thoughts, speech, habits, beliefs, and associations combine over time to make powerful changes in our lives.

You Own Your Results

One of the most exciting facts about the work I do is that, in the end, my clients do not depend on me for continued success — as they change their identity, that identity change stays with them.  They carry the marvelous results of their work around with them for the rest of their lives!

His Story

Like so many people today, Rob struggled with his weight.  He tried and failed at more diets and weight-loss attempts than he can count.  His journey brought him from a nearly-400-pound man with type 2 diabetes and critically dangerous blood numbers to a happy, healthy 175-pound man with a new lease on life!  And the best part is his improved relationships with his wife, his children, and himself!

The KEY to Rob’s success was learning the power our IDENTITIES have over our habits, and learning how to change his identity to gain POWER over his circumstances.  Because it helped him so much, Rob created the Seven Shifts program to help others achieve what he did but without spending years to learn.  Rob has been asked to share his story and his Seven Shifts program with audiences and clients in many areas.



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