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Frequently Asked

What services does Powerful Identity offer?

Rob offers group workshop retreats as well as group and private consulting to help clients learn about and practice the principles of lasting change.  He also shares the message of lasting change through professional speaking and writing.

What will the 7 Shifts program do for me?

The 7 Shifts program will teach you the science behind ifentity change and why it is so powerful in your own unique journey of change.  The program will also provide structure, accountability, and a supportive community as you learn and master the seven shifts.

Is Rob available for single sessions of private consulting?

Yes, Rob offers single “one-off” sessions for clients.  These deep dive sessions are usually helpful for discovering the root of a single issue and planning the work to resolve that issue.

I like to save money and work at my own pace --- is there a program for me?

Yes.  Download one or more of Rob’s 7 Shift video lessons with PDF workbook.  These single lessons are small, inexpensive, powerful, and perfect for the “Do-It-Yourselfer”

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